Kitchen Island Ideas to Inspire You

kitchen island as  dining table and wood cabinet and great pendant also furniture

Not many are aware of the advantages of having a kitchen island in the kitchen, and why a kitchen island is a necessary addition to your kitchen. Not only will this addition make your kitchen look even more wonderful and luxurious, it will also help your work in the kitchen as it is highly functional and help you get the whole kitchen more organized in a way during your meal-preparing and cooking activity. There are various materials, designs and styles to choose from for your kitchen island – here we are going to give you  a few kitchen island designs to inspire you.

Materials and countertop that fit your kitchen island

While there is a large number of styles, the most popular ones that are also considered as many homeowners’ all time favorites are traditional style, eclectic style, and contemporary style. You may choose one that fits the look of your kitchen, or you can mix and match. Below is a list of examples of what may look better for your kitchen island:

  • If you have a kitchen with a traditional or vintage style with wood cabinet and drawers, you may choose the same traditional kitchen island style with ivory countertop to complete the look.
  • If your kitchen layout looks modern, you are advised to feature dark cabinetry for your kitchen island. Granite and marble countertops that are paired with solid wood cabinets and are completed with sophisticated stainless steel fixtures.

How big is my kitchen island should be?

There is simply no straight answer for this question; this is due to the fact that your kitchen layout plays a significant role to how big your kitchen island should be. But as we are now writing kitchen island designs to inspire you, we are going to give you a guideline to help you make your own decision. However, before we go there, you must first determine what your kitchen island is for. Are you aiming for functionality, or are you aiming for an extra storage space? Whichever your priority is, typically a kitchen island that is 3 ft wide with its length as little as 4 ft tall may suffice. However, if you wish to add a cook top, a dishwasher, and a sink to your kitchen island, you must at least add another 3 ft to the length as 7 ft length is typically what you need in order to accommodate the aforementioned appliances.

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