Joanna Gaines Paint Colors for Any Room

bedroom with wood furniture and stripe view also leaf picture wall decor

Joanna Gaines is a star in a program called ‘Fixer Upper’ who is also an expert in paint colors. She is the expert in determining paint colors for each room in a house. If you are interested and want to know more about Joanna Gaines paint colors, here they are.

For Bedroom

In order to create a great place for resting, Joanna Gaines recommends a fancy blue color for the walls in a bedroom. A fancy blue is a perfect color to create a comfortable bedroom, especially for getting relaxed in weekend. Joanna Gaines says that do not be afraid to apply the color a little bit thick.

For Bathroom

Joanna Gaines suggests to have bathroom in white with grey shades surround it. This way you will have a calming bathroom so that you are able to enjoy your bathing time and get relaxed. White color with grey shades will make your bathroom looks clean and fresh. Moreover, it will make you have a spa look-like bathroom.

For Living Room

As the area for daily activity in home, living room needs a big space in order to make the movement easier. As the expert of paint colors, Joanna Gaines recommends to have natural and simple colors to be applied in living room. The natural and simple colors will refresh in the middle of hustle and bustle in the living room. You are also able to add white trims in order to create lights and relieve feel in living room.

For Any Rooms

If you are still in doubt the function of a room, you are able to apply green colors in order to define that the room has limitation area. Joanna Gaines says that you are able to have botanical green. Botanical green color will bring freshness and naturality in a room.

Joanna Gaines recently makes newest Joanna Gaines paint colors which are available in matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, and satin sheens. For the colors in matte eggshell, and satin sheens, Joanna Gaines says that those colors are ideal for interior design for ceilings and walls. It is because those colors are resistant to fungi.

While the colors in semi-gloss are ideal for cabinetry, doors, trim, and molding. Since those colors dry faster and easy to clean. Those are the colors suggestions from the color paints expert, Joanna Gaines, which can be your inspirations in painting any rooms in your house.

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