4 Things to Know about Jewel Tones Decor for Lux Living Room

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Jewel tones decor for lux living room can be one of good choices particularly if you want to apply something new in 2017. There is actually no exact definition or explanation of how jewel tones look like. But in short, it is basically a kind of colors or hues which are bright, bold, and a little bit shiny. Well, like a jewel. To apply them in your home interior particularly living room, you can combine some of them at once. Of course, it is better to learn about each of the colors more so that the combination can be more good looking. There are also many other things you should know about the application of jewel color in a living room. What are they? Check them out.

Good for any Interior Designs

The look of sparkling or shiny is indeed basically more into classic designs, like Victorian or Art Deco. And that’s true; it is really appropriate if you use the jewel tones over such living room designs. The mix of shiny colors with glamorously detailed interior can just make your interior look more stunning. Maybe, the next question is, is that good to apply jewel tones into modern or minimalist living room? It can be, surely. The important thing to consider is about the color choices itself. It is much better as well to use white or other neutral colors to dominate. Therefore, the sense of minimalist can still be felt without lessening the jewel-tones theme.

Better for Larger Room

Another important point you should notice is that this idea mainly plays more in the color combination. And as it has been mentioned above, jewel tones decoration is about the bright and bold colors. That’s why, if you are more interested to certain colors like red, blue, or purple in which they are combined at once, you should make sure whether the living room condition is compatible or not. Yes, such colors tend to make a room look cramped and stuffy particularly if it is small enough. Therefore, to use only jewel tones without any other neutral colors, it is much better if the living room is quite large. For the smaller one, make sure to dominate it with neutral color at first, similar with the suggestion for modern interior in the previous point.

Glam Decoration

As jewel tone interior itself is all about the glamorous look. It means you have to prepare similar ideas as well for the decoration or accessories. You may start it from the living room fixtures. Well, it is like by applying fixtures like chandelier, window frames, or sunshade with brass colors. It is also great to have some crystal accessories in order to deepen the sense of “jewel”.

Windows and Ventilation

Having luxurious living room with jewel tones is a really great idea of course. However, you still consider installing more windows and ventilation to keep the interior bright and not cramped. Besides, installing many of them tend to be much healthier for the owners of the jewel tones decor for lux living room.

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