Most Popular Interior Designs for Bedroom

good bedroom with wooden floring and rug also curtain

Best interior design for bedroom is important because a bedroom is one of the most favorite places at a house. A bedroom is a private space to take a rest as well as getting relaxed. So, choosing an interior design for a bedroom should not be done carelessly. There are a lot of interior designs for a bedroom. But here are the most popular ones.

Bohemian Design

Applying Bohemian design to your bedroom means you have to be brave in playing colors and patterns. There is no exact rule to decorate your bedroom with this interior design. Do you want to combine a tribal pattern with a circular pattern? No problem! You are also allowed to combine 5 colors at the same time. Another important element of Bohemian design is the use of tassels. The tassels can be applied to the bed sheets, pillowcases, curtains, and many more. Mandala tapestry is also an important icon of Bohemian interior design.

Eclectic Design

This bedroom interior design is quite challenging. It is because the colors used are strong colors such as red, yellow, and blue. The main key to the eclectic interior design is the use of cloth elements. You can use cloth for the materials of carpets, curtains, wall decorations, and so on. Use geometrical patterns for the furniture. The most used geometrical patterns are stripes, vertical, zig-zag, and circles.

Victorian Design

The next popular bedroom interior design is Victorian design. This bedroom interior design is usually found in a fancy house. So, for you who want to bring an elegant and fancy look to your bedroom, apply the Victorian interior design. This interior design usually provides a sitting area. There are some sofas and ottoman chairs in the sitting area. The furniture used are the ones which are decorated with carvings. The bed has a thick and shiny drapery. Mirrors, patterned wallpapers, and paintings are a must for the wall decorations. Also, add a crystal chandelier as the lighting.

Shabby Chic Design

The shabby chic design is mostly preferred by girls. Shabby chic interior design is pretty similar to a vintage design that uses soft colors. The most used pattern used for this bedroom interior design is a floral pattern. To complete the design, use lacy bed sheets or the ones with pastel colors. For the furniture, use the one that is made from woods. Are you interested to apply this best interior design for bedroom?

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