4 Inspirations of Room Interior Design for Bedroom

Shabby Chic bedroom Interior Design with green leafed plants

A bedroom is one of the most favorite places for family members. It can be taking a resting place after conducting daily activities. The bedroom can be a relaxing place and playing games. The room interior design for bedroom is made of the owner’s inspiration in order to feel enjoyable and comfortable. These are some designs of the room interior for bedroom.

Bohemian Interior Design

The first design is the Bohemian Interior design. Applying this bohemian interior design means that you must be brave of playing motifs and colors. There are no special rules to decorate that room. Combining tribal motifs with a circle is possibly conducted. You can use five colors in a room. It is no problem and looks great. The important elements in a bohemian bedroom are the use of flowy fabric. The cloth can be blanket or throw. It is not forgotten to apply Mandala tapestry being a crucial icon in a concept and design of bohemian.

Electric Interior Design

Another inspiration of room interior design for bedroom is eclectic interior design. This room is fairly challenging because the used colors are colorful colors such as blue, yellow, and red. The main key in this room interior design is the application of fabric elements. The fabric elements can be appeared by the carpets, big curtains, or fabric accessories. For example, you use a geometric motif in the furniture or wallpaper. The geometric motifs are zig-zag, vertical, lines, or circles. The used furniture usually has a curving leg or metal materials.

Victorian Interior Design

The next design is Victorian interior design. This design is usually found in a luxury house and residence reminding you of the great palace. Victorian interior design usually has a seating space. In this space, there are some chairs and gentle ottoman for leg handle. The used furniture has engraving details. Most of the interior design has a headboard bed completed with curtains and thick fabric. You can find painting, mirror, and wallpaper.

Shabby Chic Interior Design

The last interior design takes shabby chic. It is one of the favorite interior designs for women. It is a root of vintage style using the soft colors. The used motifs in this design are small flowers. To be a compliment, you can use pastel blankets. For the furniture items, you can use dull paint colors to create an old impression. It is suitable for feminine women. Those are some inspirations of room interior design for bedroom.

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