Inspiration for Living Room Palettes

Inspiration for Living Room Palettes

Your living room was designed for your family and friends to gather and spend your best time together. For this public space, best living room paint colors should be the one that match perfectly with the mood and kind of atmosphere that you want to make.

As we know that living room is a part of your house where you are able to set up your style. Whether you go with relaxed or casual? Traditional or modern? No matter what kind of look that you want, your paint color will affect it. To help you in choosing the best palette for your living room, you can check color combinations below for your inspiration.

Electric palette for elegance looks

These palettes that you can use in living room including of jade green, yellowish green and turquoise to create sophisticated look. Even you are able to combine electic palettes and wood furniture in bright color to make it greater. You will get unique combination that makes your design stands up.

Back to neutral

Neutral palette is one of most natural colors for your living room. Neutral palette is one of favorite colors that you often found as well. There are many living rooms were open to other areas so they might choose neutral palette to make it well blending to the adjoining room. Choosing best neutral palette was based on your style, whether you wang to get cozy or inviting space along with great undertones to give you modern vibe.

More than just pale palette

If you want to add dramatic design with bolder palette but you do not want that color defeats your space, then you can paint the accent wall. To get this look, you are able to select a wall in your room which can be used as focal point, such as fireplace wall. You are able to choose a color which can be involved to the entire place. Then you can paint the remaining walls with the lighter color from the accent wall or you can choose neutral colors with the undertone to complete your accent wall.

Bright light

You should know that the amount of light inside your living room can affect on its color as well. A room which been flooded by sunlight can manage more saturated palette, but pale palettes prefer to get washed out. Then, you can choose cool shades for your living room paint colors to resist the strong sunlight and combine it with warm colors to get cozier room.

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