How much is inground pool prices installed cost?

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There are various factors involved when inground pool prices installed estimated. The average cost for install inground pool is around $35,948-$64,225 or average $48.980. The basic maintenance will add around $1.800 yearly. Other costs that increased the price of the inground pool include utilities and repair costs which around $1800-$3200 per year. More details such as custom features like hot tubs, Jacuzzi or waterfalls can add start from $1000 to $8000 depending on the project you build. Do you consider building an inground pool for your summer holiday? Then read more to know more detail on cost you should pay for build inground pool.

Inground pool prices installation

The cost depends on the material type that you choose. The inground swimming pools are available in 3 different types of material, concrete/gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl. This material has similar initial pricing for the key-turning installation but there are still differences for lifetime cost.

  • Concrete/gunite. The cost estimated around $35.000 to $65.000. The annual maintenance will start at least $2.800 to $4000. This material type can last to 50-60 years. This type is also best for custom tile. The maintenance includes acid washing and ground re-plastering. It is important to get acid wash every 3-5 years to prevent and clean any mold and algae.  
  • Fiberglass. It cost around $20.000 to $60.000. This type of material maintenance cost will start at $500-$1500 and able to last up to 25 years. This type of material is also the easiest material to maintain and clean. There are no special maintenance needs for this material type.
  • Vinyl lined.  This is the lowest upfront fees of inground pool prices installed with only $20.000-$40.000. The manual maintenance cost starts from $1.100 to $1.700. This material although becomes the lowest, but it needs to replace the liner every 10 years. Because the algae do not grow easily in the vinyl surface, the owner no need to use the chemical as often as other inground pool material type. Vinyl has a variety of shapes and custom designs that can match with your existing exterior design.

Which one that you want to choose?

The last answer is depending on your budget and the personal style reference. To choose which material that you should choose, read for the details beyond about the care maintenance of the pool material.  As an extra consideration, the size from the pool also influences the average price. In average, the cost need to spend inground pool prices installed at least 450-$125 per square feet.

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