How to Create Industrial Decor Ideas for Interior Design

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Industrial décor is pretty popular. This decorating style is very unique and eye-catching. It is perfect for homeowners who wants something that looks far from traditional. This particular style features a lot of raw wood material, leather, metal, and casters. Creating this look is not that easy. One of the things that makes it difficult is that there are some choices of industrial decor ideas for interior design.Some of those ideas may be perfect for your home. But, others may not suit your taste. If you want to create an industrial-style home, you can follow some of these tips.


In order to create an industrial look, you need to decorate your interior in rustic color combination. Some of them are rustic brown, grey, burnt orange, hazel, black, and tan. This particular color must be applied on your furniture, rug, decoration, and wall. They will look great combined with cement floor, exposed brick wall, and wooden furniture. With this design idea. Your interior will have strong industrial and attractive look.


There are various furniture styles that you can choose. But, if you aim for industrial-style home, your only option is that to have furniture in industrial design. How can you tell that a piece of furniture has industrial style? Well, Industrial furniture pieces are usually bold and eye-catching. You can also take a look at its material to decide whether it has industrial look or not. For coffee table or dining table, you can choose one that is made of one hundred percent wood or a combination of wood table top and steel legs. Moreover, your living room will ooze strong industrial look if you have a coffee table with wheels or casters. Industrial-style sofas and chairs usually have leather finish. However, you can also choose metal chairs for your dining room in order to create this interior style.

Industrial rug ideas

Rugs are not very common in industrial-style interior. However, it doesn’t mean that you can have it in your industrial home. Adding a rug in your living room, dining room, or bedroom can make the space have warmer atmosphere. However, you need to be careful in choosing the rug for your industrial interior. Certain rugs will look out of place in it. You need to avoid chic and overly vibrant rugs or rugs with geometric pattern on it. To make your industrial-style home more attractive, you can opt for faded rugs in burnt orange, blue, or dark grey. You can also choose woven jute rug, textured solid rugs, or distressed oriental style rugs.


Lighting is another important decoration in your industrial-style home. Having the right lighting can make the industrial atmosphere in the room more pronounce. There are basically two choices of industrial lighting you can choose. They are vintage-style lighting or modern-style lighting. The vintage ones usually have unique details and ornamentation. Meanwhile, the modern ones have geometrical design and made of grainy steel.

With the tips above, you can create industrial decor ideas for interior design a lot easier. In order to make sure that have the right furniture, lighting, rugs, and décor, you need to shop for it at the best industrial décor store.

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