Ideas of Living Room Decoration

ideas of livingroom decoration with sofa and rug also wall art

Living room decor ideas and inspirations are needed in order to make your living room more comfortable and decorative. Living room is the area where you receive your guests. This room will give first impression to your guests. That is why you need to make it as decorative as possible. Here are some inspirations for you.

Living Room Without Partition

If you have a small living room, it will be better if you put no partition there. Instead, you are able to merge your living room with your family room to make it looks more spacious. In order to determine which area is family room and which area is living room, you can place a rug in one of those 2 areas.

But if you still want a partition to separate your living room to other rooms, you can choose one which is not permanent. Or, choose bookshelf as partition. Bookshelf will not take a lot of spaces of your living room.

Keep the Furniture Close to the Walls

Another idea to make your small living room looks larger. You are able to place the furniture against the walls. Place furniture such as sofa or armchairs against the wall of your living room. This way your small living room looks more spacious.

Choose Big Sofa

If you want to have sofa in your living room, you can choose the big one. Big sofa will emphasize your living room and make it looks more elegant. Big sofa will also bring spacious look to your living room. If you want to have additional seats, you are able to place small armchairs.

Do you want to make your living room completely different and unique? You are able to apply wallpaper there. Wallpaper is able to bring different look to your living room instantly. But make sure the style or the pattern of the wallpaper you choose is suitable with the style of your house. If your house has minimalist style, stripes pattern wallpaper is suitable. Or you can choose wallpaper with natural stones pattern to bring natural atmosphere.

Add Decorative Plants

Adding decorative plants will not only make your living room looks prettier, but also will make it more lively. This idea is suitable to be applied in a house located in urban area. Especially if it is a bit hard to have garden in your house, you are able to apply this living room decor ideas.

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