Ideas for Small Living Room

Ideas for Small Living Room with wooden stool and rug also plants

Small living room ideas are various out there. The ideas are needed since it is a little bit tricky to design small living room. Living room is a place where you are receiving guests or friends in your house. So that even though it is small, you still need to make it comfortable for your guests. Here are several ideas of small living room.

  1. Paint all the walls of your living room white, and combine it with black tone for the framing of doors and windows. This monochrome design will bring modern minimalist look to your living room. In order to add elegant look, you are able to place wooden round table with marble lining as its base. You can also add long sofa in beige color.

  2. Use pattern to show aesthetic value. You are able to add colorful mosaic patterned sofa which is contrast to other decoration colors as the center of attention in your small living room. Paint all the walls white to make more spacious impression. Have large windows so that the sun lights can come through. Add a beige large rug to make your small living room even more comfortable.

  3. In order to bring modern look to your small living room in your house, you are able to combine white, beige, brown, and black colors. Add table lamp in small round table to make it looks more modern. For the comfortable atmosphere, you are able to use textile materials for the rug and the furniture.

  4. Sofa with legs tend to be applicated in living room and more popular than sofa mat. But there is no harm to try having sofa mat as the main decorative furniture in your small living room. Sofa mat does not take a lot of spaces and it is easy to be combined. You can combine it with carpet that has middle east typical pattern and contemporary painting to bring aesthetic value to your small living room.

  5. Most small living room applies only 1 tone of colors for the decorations or the walls. But actually you are also able to colorful decoration elements in your small living room. Without reducing the minimalist essence, have blue sofa and combine it carpet with cheerful pattern. Add decorative plants as the decoration and also the source of oxygen in your small living room. This way you are able to have this colorful small living room ideas.

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