Ideas for Adding Color to a Bedroom for Calming Sensory

inspiring bedroom with white bed comforter and corner chair and sleek curtains also wooden floor decor ideas

Having some ideas for adding color to bedroom for calming sensory will be helpful when you make a sensory room. The right color application will be effective to make the bedroom as a therapy space for those who have neurological disorder. In the therapy room, the light, texture, sound, and also colors are employed in the controlled space, so certain areas in the brain can be calmed, awaken or focused.

Many experts use sensory rooms with certain colors to adapt the patients to stimulate responses and change stimuli to the colors. They change the colors on neutral background whilst conducting the therapy. If you also want to improve calmness inside your child’s bedroom or living area, you could use this sensory room idea applied.

The Sensory Room’s Therapeutic Uses

A sensory room is used by experts to calm and retain sensory disorder patients. This kind of room has been proven to be an effective way for children with special needs, those who suffer dementia, learning disabilities, psychiatry in adults, chronic pain management, autism, sensory integration disorder, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and also Asperger’s syndrome. By having such sensory room, it could be helpful in the therapy. The ideas for adding color to bedroom or living area are typically by adding white or other pale colors and then make the visual stimulation controlled by adding black-out shades to the room. However, you also should make the sensory room give comfort and ease for the owner too.

White Color

A sensory room that is made in all white color will make the room having a focusing and calming treatment. Then the room can have dynamic color changing by the application of certain equipment like fiber optic sprays. This equipment can be programmed to move and change the color. The patient in the sensory room can hold the fiber optic or sit beside it. The patient is interested by the multiplied and reflected colors by the mirrors as well as the patterns made on the white walls. Besides, there are also other equipment used to make the sensory room such as lava lamps that can change colors, color-optic eggs, sphere lamps that can make patterns and change the colors, and also colorful bubble lamps.

Blue Color

Blue can also be one of the ideas for adding color to bedroom for improving calming sensory. Blue is well known as a calming color and inducing expansive sky or clear water sense. It is also a cool color that has been proven to be a color that lower the room temperature than a room in red color. By applying pale blue in the nurseries and bedrooms of the children, you can make sure they will have better relaxation and sleep time. Yet, it isn’t clearly understood that blue color has relationship with the mind.      

Green Color

Green works in the same way with pale blue to bring shooting effects for the pleasing shades. You can use plants to bring natural green color into a bedroom. It will not be easy on eye but also refreshing the air. To improve the calming atmosphere, lighter green shade on walls will also be great ideas for adding color to bedroom for calming sensory.

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