How to Paint the Exterior Wall of a House in Super Simple Ways

full colour exterior wall with windows and red chair

If you want to paint your house exterior by yourself, you need to learn how to paint the exterior wall of a house properly. Painting is not as easy as it looks. Painting a wall is not only about applying the color with a brush from one point to the other. It needs technique and precision to make sure the result will come out great. It becomes more important since this is the exterior we are talking about. You definitely don’t want your neighbor to look at your house funny because the painting job is ugly. If you have decided that you want to do the job by yourself, make sure you prepare all the tools that will be required. Don’t forget to prepare a safe ladder to help you reach the top stop. Now, to make sure you can paint your house in the right way, here are some tips to help you.

Prepare the Surface

You are certainly eager to start painting, but you need to wait a little bit more. Before applying the paint, you must prepare the surface first. This is necessary to make sure the paint will stick longer and the color will be the same all over the surface. The best way to do it is by hand scrubbing the wall to get rid of dirt and old paint color. After you finish scrubbing, now try to find any dents or cracks on the wall and cover it with putty so the surface will be even. Now that the dents are all covered, you can start spraying the wall with water so that it will be clean. If there are any rotten parts or rusted nails, make sure you get rid of them. Otherwise, your new paint will be stained with the rusts.

Choose the Timing Correctly

This one might seems very trivial but it is actually very important. You need to paint when the Mother Nature allows you to. You should not paint under scorching hot sun and you’d better find shelter instead of painting when the rain is falling. You know what will happen when you are painting under the rain. The wall will be wet and it will be hard for it to absorb the paint color. On the contrary, you also cannot paint under scorching sun because it will make the paint dry too fast and as a result, the paint will flake and you are not going to like it.

Choose the Paint and the Tool

Before painting, it is necessary to apply primer to make the color pops and stick longer. However, nowadays it is very easy to find a paint that has been mixed with primer so you can start painting immediately. Moreover, you also need to decide how you want to do the painting. Roller is faster but brush is easier and it can reach small spaces and edges. Now that you know how to paint the exterior wall of a house as well as the tools you need, you can start your project and you will definitely get the best result.

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