How to Fix Drainage Problems?

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Drainage system is somewhat becoming an urgent thing to be discussed. When the rain drops, the soil that could not bear the drops would let the water flows to the drainage system to the ditch, moat, and river and continued to the sea. There are a lot of things emerged as the obstacles and problems in drainage system. Technically, drainage is one of the irrigation developments in the flood prevention. However, drainage means an effort to control the water quality as water supply or as the water which flows to the system.

Every place that uses water or water supply persistently needs a good drainage system to let the water flows smoothly and not having the water stuck or jam. By this meaning, every building needs a drainage system that espousing our daily water waste. Narrowed down to the building we are familiar with, house, is one of the common building with varied drainage system that sometimes caused some problems.

However, there are some common problems in drainage problem could be detected and here are some ways of how to fix drainage problems:

  1. Water Debit Problems

Every day, we use the water and we waste it too. Imagine if the amount of the water we use has filled the water tank deep down inside the ground. This problem could be detected when you see this occurrence: the bathroom’s water hole could not absorb the water quickly as it used to be (or even jammed). Before contacting the plumber, you may try to clog the water hole first, it might be because of some solid waste that indirectly thrown away to your drainage system that cause you a jam. However, when you have done clogging the holes, and you still have the same problem, call the plumber to have your water tank checked.

  1. Oxygen Problems

If you wish to build a sewerage drain deep down your house’s ground, you will need the correct percentage for the oxygen and right amount of pipe capacity percentage. The oxygen should be filled around 35% into the sewerage tank to maximize the use of the drain. Meanwhile, the capacity for the pipe should be better around 65%.

  1. Waste

The most popular problem appears worldwide about the drainage system, is our way of living or our habit in throwing the waste not in the right place that could cause a drainage problem. The waste would really disturb the flow of the water inside the drainage system. The waste problem should be able to be managed by the inhabitants. Each drainage system inside our house is our responsibility to handle. Thus, it is better for the home waste to not harm the water drainage flow by wastinging dangerous chemical substances to the current. The solution to the waste problem as above said, could also be done by doing a massive cleaning in the river, moat, ditch and other canal systems inside the house and it is far better if we could find the source of the clogged or jammed waste that block the water flow.

Generally, solving the drainage problem would not be an easy job if it is done individually. It needs a consolidation between the inhabitants. However, here is some general solution on how to fix the drainage problems:

  1. Be aware of the danger of the waste. Remind all the people inside the house to get used to throw the waste properly in the provided place. Whenever one of the members do the washing (manual dish-washing) always remember that the leftover food should be thrown out first before s/he wash the dishes to minimize the unused output enters to the drainage system.

  2. Increasing the functions of the water, and minimize the water output. In some cases, in big houses or public commercial places such as hotels, the unused water produced by every room, would be sent to the filtering tank and delivered to the lawn/ garden to be used by the sprinkler to water the grass or plants surrounded the hotel. The high use of the water would minimize the drainage leaks or drainage overflowing.

  3. Creating the facility of the land infiltration while also creating the facility to hold the water for some time, especially when the rainy season is about to come. This is done in order to lessen the probability of having the house or lawn to be flooded by the rain water.

  4. Creating rabbit holes is also important to control the lawn from the production of mud and puddle, especially in rainy season. The function of the rabbit holes is to let the water absorb easier to the ground without waiting too long or waiting for the sun to dry up the water.

  5. Creating a proper ditch flowing to the local moat is our responsibility as a house owner. The ditch should be in a proper place, depth and width. The function of the ditch is to water flows to the nearest moat, river and sea in ease.

Those ways above about how to fix the drainage system are able to be done by firstly having a cooperation and consolidation between the people who live inside the house or sometimes, they do need to consolidate between the neighbors to get the better drainage system. However, as an individual, we could do what we can do by always taking care of the nature and pay more attention to the waste control.

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