How to Decorate Your Room with Recycled Stuff

decorate bedroom with Photo Collage on the Wall

The question of how to decorate your room has probably been in your mind for so long. Yes, decorating bedroom is really essential for anyone. If you want to decorate your room with ease and with low budget, below are some suggestions of how to decorate your room with recycled stuff. It is easy, fun, and definitely worth trying.

1.             DIY Floating Shelves

If you have plenty recycled woods or boards, you can make a great decoration for your bedroom which is the floating shelf. Floating shelf is not only great to decorate your bedroom but it is also great to display your collections, storing your stuff, and so on. All you need to do to make floating shelf is basically just mount a piece of flat-surfaced wood on the wall. Arrange the placement so that it looks beautiful.

2.             Tie Dye Pillow Sheets

Tie dye is such a perfect DIY project to give colors to anything, starting from your T-shirt to your pillow sheets. If you get bored of your old pillow sheets in the bedroom, do not throw them away because you can give some colors to them and make them look new. Use tie dye technique to do this. It is very simple because all you need to do is make some ties and knots and then soak the sheets in the coloring liquid.

3.             Photo Collage on the Wall

In most university dorm, the DIY wall decoration that you will probably see is the photo collage. Yes, decorating the wall with bunch of photos and pictures you get from magazine and internet is always a great idea as long as you can do it properly. That is why if you have bunch of photos, pictures, and stuff, do not throw them away because you can recycle them into great wall decor. Just make sure that you arrange the photos carefully so that they can have an eventual beautiful shape and make the wall less boring.

The decoration of a bedroom literally shows the personality of the person staying or owning the room. That is why if the decoration of a bedroom is quite plain and lame, it will probably keep anyone out of the room, including the owner. Considering that fact, it is probably wise for you to try the tips and suggestions up above about how to decorate your room with recycled stuff. The final result will be a stunning bedroom that will definitely blow your mind.

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