Check These Tips on How to Decorate Small House

modern minimalist room with wooden floor and plant

Decorating a small house can be a little bit tricky because of the space limitation. That is why how to decorate home guidance especially for a small house is needed. For you who get the same problem, here are several tips of decorating small house.

  1. Apply open plan interior design in your small house. Open plan interior design means combining 2 or more functions in one room. Such as, you are able to make family room and living room to be in one room, or dining room with kitchen. This will allow you to save spaces.

  2. It will be better if you pick bright colors to be applied in your small house, especially as wall paints. It is because bright colors will reflect more lights and make your small house looks visually more spacious.

  3. Consider to have big windows in your small house, such as in living room or bedroom. Sun lights and natural lights which are coming through will make your small house looks visually larger and bigger.

  4. If you still want to divide each room, you are able to use creative way to make it possible. Using divider will only make your house looks even smaller since it takes spaces. Instead, use different element in order to visually define the function of each room. Such as place carpets with different patterns in living room and family room. Or, you are also able to have functional rack or bookshelves as the divider. Choose the one in small size.

  5. Flat TV is not only able to help you saving electricity, but also able to help you saving spaces in your small house. Hang flat TV in the walls instead of place it in a table. This way you are able to use the TV table for other needs.

  6. The next tip of how to decorate home is for the kitchen area, use backsplash as the storage for your kitchen tools. By using backsplash, your kitchen will be always neat. So that your kitchen will not be messy which only makes it looks smaller.

  7. Natural lights will make your small house looks larger in the morning and during the day. But what about in the night? Combining direct lights from main lamp and indirect lights from hidden lamps will make your house looks more spacious. Consider to have hanging ceiling for placing hidden lamps.

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