Simple Tips About How To Decorate A Small Living Room

Living room, a place where we spend our times to relax and have quality time with family member. Because of this, a living room should have a good atmosphere. That’s why, we need to design our living room with a nice scheme. But, what if we have small living room? To help you answer this question, we are going to show you about how to decorate a small living room in simple ways.

What is the first thing to do?

As been described before, a living room should have nice design to give good atmosphere. Here, the first thing to do is we need to choose a style and scheme which are suitable for living room. At this time, we can match it with our home design. You may already know about it, right? The point is, choose colours which can represent the style of your living room. For example, if you want to choose modern design. It must be minimalist. Then, you can apply neutral colours to emphasize the style.

Consider what you will put in living room

Here, the size is very important. As we know, we only have a living room which has a limited space. So, we need to consider the size of furnitures we want to put. The easiest you can do is, you can measure the length and the width of living room at first. Then, determine how you will put your furnitures in living room. For the furnitures, you need to choose only most important items. Such as sofa, coffe table, TV, accent chair, and book case.

Make an eye-catching

An expert has said that eye-catching thing in living room will make eyes focus on that thing. Here, there are so many items that you can use to make an eye-catching thing. Usually, it is something related with walls. What is it? You can put accessories on walls. For example, painting is a good choice about this thing. As we know, when there is a painting in living room, our eyes will look at it rather than other items. So, make sure that painting you choose has an aesthetic value.

Creating an illusion

The word of illusion that we use is about how we distract our eyes. Here, you can make the ceiling in your living room higher. Besides, lighting can also make a good change. When the colours of your living room reflect the light thoroughly, it can give feeling that our living room look bigger. Lastly, you can implement this idea in how to decorate a small living room when the base colour in your living room is neutral colour.

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