How to Choose Curtain for Décor Living Room for Best Window Treatment

inspiration living room with sleek curtain and sofa and stand lamp also striped rug

Window curtains become small thing that can make big difference in the living room. It is since these drapes are available in wide variety of colours and style. The presence of windows treatments is important to improve the aesthetics and ergonomics in this room. This is completely effective to spice up the living room with its budget-friendly price. Even though it seems simple, selecting the wrong curtains can actually screw up the entire look of the living room. Instead of making the room more interesting, it makes the room look dull and darker. In order to help you avoid this kind of condition, you can use some of these tips on how to choose curtain for décor living room.

Extension of living room

The curtains chosen for the windows should be like natural extension of the living room. It sounds really simple but many people rarely concern about it. Many people like to use the same curtains for every room but this will be less suitable for contemporary style as each room has specific theme and produces its own aura. The important thing when buying the curtains is selecting the ones that suit the best with the overall design of the living room.

Colour and Contrast

Even though curtains suit well with the living room design is the best, it does not mean that you need to use curtain which have similar colour with the wall. It is fine for you to use curtains with different colours in order to create different and interesting ambiance. Curtains with contrast look are perfect for various kinds of themes such as eclectic, modern and even vintage. However, if you do not like something powerful, stick to neutral tones also become great choice when it comes to living room drapes.

Privacy and Views

Opting for window curtains is not only to spice up the look of the living room. The main function of the curtain is to protect the house from prying eyes as well as providing a choice to change between privacy and views easily. The fabric curtains become important factor to provide high privacy than other types of drapes. On the other hand, sheer curtains provide feel and appearance lightness in visually but the opposite for the privacy. Thus, if you want to improve the privacy you can use additional layer of solid drapes. This becomes one of the tricks on how to choose curtain for décor living room.

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