Psychology of Color: How to Choose Color for Painting a Room

Spacious room with orange wall paint and comfy sofa also flowers decor

This is one thing that most people are confused to, how to choose color for painting a room. Of course, owners want their living space to be as comfortable as they want, and color plays important role to bring comfortable ambience. We have what we call as color psychology. Every color brings different feel to living space. That is why this field exists, to make people understand that colors bring power.

Colors and Its Functions

There are seven colors that are mostly used to paint houses. We have bright colors to choose, that comes in yellow, orange, and vibrant shades of blue and green. This colors provide you an expansive feeling. People associate the color with happy yet friendly colors which will encourage conversation. You need these colors in kitchen or dining area, where you are away from the activities but closer with family. The opposite of those colors is navy blue. This color inhibits people to have  conversation. Thus, avoid it to be used for dining and living room areas.

The dark colors chosen for house is purple, blue, red, and also dark shades if green. These colors bring gloomy effect to your living space. Yet, they also can help you to bring security and comfort when it is applied in a right place. Warm colors like yellow and orange hues are chosen to raise the temperature of the room. This is perfect to be applied in rooms which face north, but avoid these colors for rooms that meant for bedroom.

Another color to choose is cold colors like green and icy blues. The color has a calming effect. Thus, it will be perfect for bedrooms. They will help you to get a relaxed night and a refreshed morning. The last two colors to choose is red and gray. Red will make people more hostile and irritable, so that it will not fit to be used for child’s room. Yet, this color raises the energy level of the rooms. Use this as accent, and do not use for base color. While gray is bad for kitchen and dining room. This color will dampen your appetite.

How to Apply Colors

Human beings tend to associate colors to their living space. They sometimes want to bring the element of the earth in their houses. Thus, experts suggest to have dark floor and light ceiling to reflect the soil path and the light sky we have. Different colors will create different moods. Thus, make sure you create a  right mood for certain room. Experts believe that people will feel more comfortable when they find nature-like elements in their house. They feel safe.

Photos or pictures with lots of green are also effective to create a comfortable ambience. Humans photograph for room also can state that the place is safe for humans. This is important. If you want green as the base, apply green for the roofs and combine it with more pleasing natural color. Wood floor will reflect the forest path. What a great combination when you think about how to choose color for painting a room.

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