How to Choose Coffee Table for Living Room with Perfect Look

awesome white pallet as coffee table with wheels and grey sofa also floral decor

It will be imperfect for living room if it comes without a coffee table. This small piece of furniture actually has big effect in the living room which can complete its entire look. Don’t ever look down on its small size since coffee table comes with a number of purposes. Besides completing the look of living room, this table also provide space for storage and display so that it can reduce clutter in this room. This table can be used to place books, drinks, foods and even provides work space for children who like drawing. The problem is which style that suits the best with your living room. Thus, these are some considerations on how to choose coffee table for living room that you can try to think about.


Coffee tables are available in different range of price so that you can find from the most expensive to the affordable. Hence, you had better to know how much you will spend for this furniture. If you want to decorate living room, you can divide the budget into some categories so that you have clear estimation on what you have to spend for the furniture including coffee table. You even can a little of your money if you could find unique coffee table as long it does not sacrifice the quality.


Shape also becomes one of important considerations when choosing a coffee table since it has association with the size as well as traffic in the room. For instance, a round or oval shape coffee table is perfect option if you have children or pets. The curved edges of it will reduce the injury risk whenever children or pets hit into it. Meanwhile, rectangular coffee table gives enough space to walk between two pieces of furniture.


Alongside with the shape, the size is another thing to be considered as well. The height of coffee table is important since the ideal height should be lower than 1 to 2 inches from the sofa. The standard height should be around 16 to 18 inches and coupled well with typical size sofa. A higher sofa needs a taller table such as the ones with 20 to 21 inches. Taller coffee table also will be more comfortable for the guests since they can place the glass and plate easily. This is one of the good considerations on how to choose table for living room.

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