House VS Apartment: Which One is the Best?

House or Apartment

An urban life today requires a practical residence, especially the one near workplaces. If you want to have a house near a workplace, you should prepare a lot of money since property near office areas are expensive. Especially with limited lands in big cities. This situation is utilized by property developers as a business opportunity. They offer an apartment as a solution to modern residences. However, some people doubt purchasing an apartment because this kind of property uses a strata title certificate or shared land ownership. So, house VS apartment, which one is the best to buy?

House VS Apartment: Ownership Status of House and Apartment

You should know your ownership status of the house or apartment you are going to buy. Buying a house means that you own the house and the land as well. But if you buy an apartment, it means that you only own the room. If you decide to own an apartment, you have to share the provided facilities with other residents. The shared facilities are usually a swimming pool, playground, jogging track, and so on.

House VS Apartment: Process and Maintenance Cost

Buying and owning a house means that you are responsible for all of the maintenance. This is definitely related to the maintenance cost. While for apartments, it is the management who is responsible for the maintenance. And the amount of the maintenance cost depends on the apartment management.

House VS Apartment: Community Features

The next thing about house VS apartment is the community features. When it comes to community features, an apartment is more organized. Community features here such as a tennis court, swimming pool, and other community-based facilities that are easier to use and maintain. But if you decide to buy a house, those features need costs because the construction and maintenance are on you.

house VS apartment, which one is the best to buy

House VS Apartment: The Location

An apartment is very suitable for you who have high mobility. Because apartments are usually located in strategic areas in urban regions. So that the access is quicker and easier. But if you purchase a house, not all of them are located in strategic locations. So, you need to survey the location of the house first.

House VS Apartment: The Legality

House owners feel more guaranteed because they have 2 ownerships; house ownership and land ownership which are legal in the form of certificates. But if you buy an apartment, you only own the room but not  the land nor the building. The ease of managing a house from the financial budget side makes it more flexible for long-term financial planning.

House VS Apartment: Practicality

An apartment gives a practical lifestyle solution for the buyers. Besides the location, all facilities related to hygiene and maintenance become the responsibility of the apartment management. Apartment owners just need to pay the service charge. For a house, the maintenance and cleanliness are on the owners. But house owners do not have to spend more money for a service charge.

Those are the pros and cons of house VS apartment.

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