Favorite Ways To Display House Plants

house plants decor and wall art

A house without plants is not a really nice place to live in. So, apply these favorite ways to display house plants to make sure your house is livable and comfortable. And, your house will also be more luxurious, inviting and healthy as well thanks to better air quality.

Before you learn the ways to display the house plants, learn about the best plants to display. These are gorgeous plants with easy care and maintenance. Yet, they have beautiful display to make the house more gorgeous. Among the most favorite ones are Devil’s Ivy, Ficus, Spider Plant, Dracaena, Aloe Vera, Fig, Lady Palm, Snake Plant, Peace Lily and Succulents.

Hanging Plants from Ceiling

Create the unique feature of your house by hanging the plants from the ceiling. For instance, get a hanging wall planter with devil’s ivy and place in over the dining table. Or, hang the macramé hanging pot next to the window so you don’t need to sacrifice the counter space. Be creative when finding a place to hang to create the best visual interest.

Corner of House Plants

If you have unused corner, consider it as the perfect place to hang your most favorite house plants. In this case, the room corner makes a great example. Or, it can also be in the corner of the kitchen. For the kitchen, you can consider having some house plants producing leaves that you can use for cooking. So, it will be like having inside corner garden.

Wall Mounted Display

Here is another smart way to display the house plants. You can mount it on the wall instead of hanging it from the ceiling. Mix plants with varying heights for visual interest. Or, use the modern wall planter and fill the empty space behind sofa with it. You can also add it into the kitchen by using indoor plants in small grouping.

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