Home Interior Design Ideas: What Becomes Trends You Should Know in 2019

Home Interior Design Ideas with natural elements

Trends change over times. In this 2019, the trends for home interior design ideas also change. Exposed lightings, subway tiles, and rose gold colors that became extremely popular in 2018 look old – fashioned now. This article will show you what decorating styles, patterns, and timeless pieces that become home design trends this year.

Natural Elements

No matter in what era you are, natural elements are always fantastic to be applied in your home interior. In 2019, natural materials also keep showing positive trends that a lot of people choose to apply for their home design. Natural elements choices such as copper, granite, concrete, and stone are incredibly famous today. These materials are useful to bring not only organic and natural but also serene atmosphere to your interior design.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns will not make your home design looks old as you are in 70s. In 2019, floral patterns will come with new lights to make your interior looks fresher and warmer. If you would like to use these floral patterns for your home design, some experts will suggest you to use contrast colors and exaggerate the proportions to create decoration with timeless patterns.

Artisan Fixtures

Another home décor that will be trend this year is applying artisan fixtures for interior, especially in term of lightings. Artisan fixtures do not only come with unique styles but they can also personalize your house. They can also function just like natural materials can do, that is helping you to change the home focus from the more modern world into the natural one.

Velvet Furnishings

Though most people consider that velvet is generally stuffy and old fashion, but this material is seen as something funky but luxurious now. The velvet furnishing is believed to become trends in 2018 by most home décor experts. The material is a multi – dimensional fabric that has caught wider attention recently. Placing velvet sofas in your living room is such a great way to upgrade your interior design.

Copper Accents

Since rose gold has become big trend in 2018, people tend see less of the color. Copper accent is one of the alternative colors that gains huge popularity today. The accents will be perfect for interior design especially if they are combined with other metals. The copper accents generally come with orange and red tones that make them look so earthy and natural. Applying the colors for your interior designs will help you to create fresher ambience in your home.

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