4 Easy Ways to Create Grey and White Bedroom Theme

grey and white bedroom design ideas

Grey and white bedroom theme is often chosen by homeowners because those two color schemes are dynamic. White is the purest, most natural color that can go well with other colors, including a slightly dark color like grey. The combination between grey and white is also great for many themes, such as rustic and shabby chic. If you are interested in creating grey and white bedroom theme, below are some easy ways to do that.

1.             Use Grey and White Accent Wall

Accent wall is a great way to combine two different colors in a room. Accent wall is also perfect for bedroom because it can give more customized colors to the wall. Basically, accent wall is the technique of painting three sides of the wall with one color and the one side left is painted with other color. The side of the wall with the different color is going to be the focal point of the wall. It is such a perfect way to give grey and white theme to the bedroom.

2.             Use Shabby Chic Theme

Shabby chic is the unique, petite theme inspired by 17th century French. Shabby chic theme is dominated with neutral color schemes as well as pastel-colored small furniture. Pale grey and white are found frequently in shabby chic-themed room. If you love shabby chic and want grey-white color scheme for your room, this is the perfect way to achieve it. The key to achieve shabby chic theme is to keep everything simple and small.

3.             Alternate the Colors between Grey and White for the Furniture and Duvet

There is nothing easier than mixing together the color grey and white in the room. As long as you can balance the usage of both colors, you will end up with beautiful bedroom that looks comfortable. To balance the colors, make sure you alternate them. Use white for most of the furniture and use grey for the duvet. For the drapes, carpet, and wall decor, alternate as well between the two colors.

Those are some ways to give your bedroom grey and white theme without much effort. Remember that bedroom is the most important room in the house, simply because it is where you rest and relax after a long day at work or a long day full of exhausting activity. That is why decorating the room properly, including giving it grey and white bedroom theme is quite essential.

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