The Functions of Fort Worth Botanical Garden

fort worth botanic garden

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Fort worth botanical garden is located in Texas, United States of America. This botanical garden has more than 2.500 plants species in 23 specific gardens. For you who do not know yet about this botanical garden, here are some information.

About Fort Worth Botanical Garden

There are a lot of amusing facilities in this Texas botanical garden. They are the famous Japanese Garden, Japanese architecture, koi fish fond, carefully maintained plants, and also dramatic waterfalls. All of these amusing facilities will make you enjoy walking around this botanical garden. For you who are a lover of roses, you are able to visit a garden which is filled with European style roses. Their vibrant and cheerful colors will make you feel amazed.

There are also real forest and educative facilities. Making this conservatory a perfect place to be visited with your family, to teach your children about nature. Do not be afraid if you are hungry while strolling this botanical garden, because there is a Gardens restaurant. Want to buy some gifts? Unique merchandises are available in Gardens gift shop there.

The Functions of Fort Worth Botanical Garden

  1. Botanical garden plays a role as conservation. It has to conserve germplasm that has reached critical point. The germplasm needs to be conserved because it carries substance of heredity.

  2. Botanical garden plays a big role in research field. Researchers are able to do researches the potentials saved of germplasm in the botanical garden. How the germplasm can be cultivated by the community should also be thought by the researchers.

  3. A lot of educational facilities are available in fort worth botanical garden. It makes this botanical garden as the place of education, especially education about plants and nature. Botanical garden is able to be a media to spread the information about the cultivation of environmentally friendly plants. This place is able to be an alternative place for study tour.

  4. Botanical garden can also be a tourism spot. A lot of countries have their own botanical gardens as typical tourism spots, one of them is this botanical garden in Texas. That is why several entertaining facilities are added in order to make this kind of garden more amusing. This way, country income is able to increase.

Looking at those functions of botanical garden, continuous development for this kind of garden needs to be done. Both in social, economy, and environment aspects. Since a lot of benefits are given by botanical garden.

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