What to Consider When Building Eco-Friendly Home

 Eco-Friendly Home

As the trends of home decoration keep developing due to environment change, it is better for you to be concern with the environment itself. It can be done by making a concept for home which is friendly for environment. The less emission that produced by the house, the more money you can save from it and the easier the building concept to build. This building concept refers to eco-friendly house. Aside from saving more money for energy use, this kind of house also help to protect you family from various types of environmental issues. If you want to build this energy-saving house, these are some considerations to take.

The location of building

When you want to build get new home consider about the location first especially if the concept is eco-friendly.  If the building has already existed, you should not choose the ones which face west. It is to lessen the sun exposure that enters the home. Home which built in risky locations needs to be avoided as well. For instance, the ones that is located in the area which is prone landslide or flood. Make sure that the home location is close to public facilities, transportation, and store. It is important since it will help reducing your frequency in using your own vehicle that produces emission. If the distance to those public facilities is short, you can take a walk or use bike to reach them.

Insulation system

Insulation is important element that you need to concern about especially if it is associated with home that applies energy saving. Heating and cooling systems that are installed in the house most likely contribute about 50 percent to the entire energy use at home. This condition will be going worse if there is air leak in your home. The leak that passes the air commonly can be found in window area, near the door, or through duct. If the leak is not treated properly, it will loss the heat that kept by the home. Wasting air caused by inappropriate insulation system can make the work of heating and cooling ineffective. To avoid such kind of condition, you have to make sure that the insulation is installed in appropriate way. Well-installed insulation is not only effective to reduce the energy use but also decrease the budget you have to pay for electricity bills.

Materials of the building

System which supports better energy use is not only the concern of eco-friendly home, the materials which used in the home play important role as well. The use of environmentally friendly materials help to reduce any issues related to construction. These materials should be applied in the parts of the home as many as possible including roof, wall, floor, insulation system and even house furnishings. There are a lot of materials which are safer for environment such as cork, linoleum, and reclaimed lumber. Recycled products also can be alternative for eco-friendly materials you can use. They include recycled plastic and recycled glass. You also can use renewable materials from nature like bamboo and teak.

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