Downtown Home and Garden Ideas

Downtown home and garden design ideas are a lot out there. Since houses which are located in downtown are usually hot, having a garden is able to bring a breeze and cool atmosphere to the houses. Moreover, having a garden can also make the surrounding atmosphere and air around the house become clean. For you who are looking for design ideas of a garden for your downtown house, here are some inspirations.

Opened Terrace Garden

This first idea of a downtown garden can be an oasis in the middle of downtown modern lifestyle. By using an opened terrace concept, you will be able to enjoy your pretty garden anytime. Install a wooden deck to cover the floor and area of the garden. In order to mute the noisy sound of the downtown and traffic, you are able to build a minimalist and calming fish pond. The fish pond can also add a decorative element to the garden.

4 Main Elements Garden

For this next idea, it will be more suitable if you have this garden on your rooftop. So that the garden can be a part of your house which can be mostly enjoyed by your family. This garden idea applies 4 main elements; water, air, soil, and fire. Those 4 main elements can be applied to the furniture colors and options which are used to create an ideal minimalist garden. For example, the soil element is applied to the wooden chairs or wooden deck. While for the water element, you can build a small water fountain or artificial waterfalls.

Wall Block Garden

With a high wall garden design, this downtown garden idea is able to cover you from the business and frustrating downtown lifestyle. This wall block garden is suitable for you who want to keep your privacy while enjoying your ‘me-time’ in the garden. Even though the garden is blocked with high walls, it can be a relaxing spot if you build a pond. Add a bridge as an entrance from the house to the garden. Depends on how large the area, you are also able to complete this garden with a coffee table and couch.

Oriental Garden

An Oriental garden is a smart option because it is easy to take care and has pretty typical value. The Oriental garden usually has decorations such as bamboos and low wooden table. In order to bring an oriental touch, choose proper oriental decorations for your downtown home and garden.

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