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If you need inspiration, home appliances, furniture and many more about that, then visit home and garden Rochester will give you one-stop place for shopping. Home and Garden Rochester is the first home furnishing in Rochester that has established for more than 20 years. Their store has inspiration for every part in your home, start from traditional styles to the modern one.

What home and garden Rochester can help you

There are many services offered by home and garden Rochester. You can expect for their professional sales or even designer interior to help you decide which furniture or even paint color that perfect for your living room. No matter what your project, whether remodeling or create the new part of your home, there are no projects that they cannot handle. They will send their professional to discuss with you and help you figure out what you are looking for. Worrying about the cost you should spend? Do not worry because their design services start from $300.00 which has includes the initial consultation, the follow-up presentation, and the finishing installation. The fees of services may increase based on the time and level that should require to finish the project. The total cost of your project with their designer expert also can enable you to get credit discounts into your future purchases for certain projects.

 The home and garden Rochester look book

If  you interested to know what you can get from Home and Garden Rochester, you can visit their lookbook. Their lookbook has filled with their latest collections and furniture. They provide you a service of home interior retail experience. Their collections start from upholders, flooring, wall covering, lighting, goodcase till accessories. Their lookbook gives you a glance inspiration design ideas that based in the trend from the season. However, you still can take a look back to the season and turn back the trend in your home interior design that fit with your style.

Home and Garden design ideas

Start from your living room, kitchen, bathroom to personal bedroom, there are no parts in your home that you cannot find the design ideas to try. Here are some inspiration from spring 2019 lookbook that you can choose and inspiring you to decor your home.

  • For the first idea, you can find the bold and deep color hue for home interior design. This characteristic can be seen from vibrant color of tufted sofa in living-room that dominated with deep dark navy.
  • For lighting inspiration, the modern and industrial lighting is the trend for this season.
  • For decoration display, it comes with ceramic vases that comes into various color and shape.

If you need inspiration and ideas for home interior, visit home and garden Rochester.

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