DIY Home Decor Ideas for Living Room

DIY Home Decor Ideas for Living Room with diy furniture

Home decor ideas for living room are frequently sought by a lot of people. It is believed that living room is a very essential part of the house. It is literally the first room people see when walking into a house. That is why the living room must be decorated properly. If you are in the middle of seeking home decor ideas for living room, you do not have to worry about the budget, though, because a lot of DIY decorations for living room can be made with ease. Below are some of them.

1.             Framed “Hand Print” Paint

There is nothing easier than making framed “hand print” paint. This particular craft can be a meaningful and beautiful decoration for your living room. All you need to do is preparing a canvas, a frame, some paints, and your family members. Ask your family members to dip their palm into the paint and press it down to the canvas. They do not have to do it neatly because the abstract result is going to be interesting. After everyone’s done and the paint on the canvas dries, you can frame the canvas and hang it on the living room.

2.             Mason Jar Flower Vase

Flower vase on the living room table is such a great decoration. However, you do not need to buy expensive china or vase for the living room. In fact, you can make one on your own. All you need to prepare is a mason jar and a can of spray paint. Color the Mason jar with the spray paint and let dry. Considering that the shape of Mason jar is unique and beautiful, you will end up with pretty-looking vase that you make effortlessly on your own.

3.             DIY Framed Mirror

A boring mirror on the wall is never a good decoration. Mirror is such an important item on the wall of the living room because it can help the living room to look larger. However, boring, plain mirror is never appealing. That is why you need to decorate the mirror with DIY frame. You can use anything, really, starting from recycled wood, twigs, to Popsicle sticks.

4.             DIY Furniture

Those ideas above to make DIY decorations for your living room are really easy and fun to do. That is why if you want to make your living room looks great, those ideas above must be taken into practice. That way, you will have an amazing living room with low budget. It all starts with the DIY home decor ideas for living room above.

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