How to Decorate the Empty Space Over the Bed

bright bedroom with wall pictures decor and rug also bedside table

Over the bed decorating ideas might be something you need when you have empty space over your bed. You might already have nice bedding and headboard but it still feels empty. So, this is definitely time for you to look for something you can put on that space or just left it blank like that. That space would be perfect if you are dealing with a small area for your bedroom.

Besides decorating, you can take it as an additional storage space as well. Do you want to know the story? Read this article until the last word and find out our tips on over the bed decorating ideas.

Use a rich and vibrant color

If you are dealing with limited space for the bedroom, you may just leave it with soft and neutral color tones. In order to make it looks pop, you can apply wallpaper rich in vibrant color or simply paint it with your favorite pop color. It will instantly become the focal point in the room without you trying that hard.

Hang a rug

Even though a rug should be under your feet, you can always utilize it as a perfect decorative element in your bedroom. Hanging a patterned rug over your headboard would be a nice addition in your room. Just make sure that the pattern does not overwhelm the whole room. More than anything, you will get a unique look in your room. If a rug seems too much, you can utilize a macramé on it instead.

Wall mural

The mural does not always have to be a hand-painted one. You can purchase a wallpaper or wall sticker and install it on the wall when your headboard settles. Nowadays, you can order a customized wallpaper or wall sticker so you really do not need to paint the wall with your hand. Still, if you like it then you can do it as well.

Turn the wall into a gallery

The wall over your bed could be a nice spot to gather and hang your favorite objects and items. For example, you can install an open shelf and arrange your favorite books in it. It can also be a display rack for your favorite cartoon characters, baseball cap collections, or simply a wall of fame which you can put your artworks on it. Anything can be the decorative element in your bedroom and this is anything you need to know about over the bed decorating ideas.

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