The Beginning Steps on How to Decorate a Living Room

decorate livingroom with wall art and couch also stand lamp

Whenever you want to create new look in the living room but don’t know where to begin, these ideas on how to decorate a living room will help you to do so.

Look what you already have

Think again on what existing furniture and décor exist in the living room. To add space, take out outdated, broken, or any furniture with less function from the room. If there is special furniture you inherit from parents or other family member but it looks less suitable with current living room design, you can keep it by placing in other spot in the house to place it. By doing so, you will only have furniture you really want. In order to buy any new pieces for this room, you can make a sale for the old items to get some money.

Select the best color palette

Colour will affect atmosphere of the room. For instance, to create calming atmosphere you can use either blue or green shades. However, if you want to make living room feel more energizing, you can choose vibrant shades. Meanwhile, neutral shades such as white, gray, or tans serve as great background for any accent you would like to make. You had better to opt for colour that you prefer to see daily. There are many ways to get an idea of the best colour to apply in the living room. For example, you can take a look on an artwork and choose one palette which becomes the dominant colour on it.

Get your own style

If you are still confused on what style you want to apply in the living room, look of inspiring ideas by reading blogs and magazines so that you can find your ideal style. There are numerous great resources for home design such as Pinterest. If you crave with any mid-century modern look, make your living room dominant with clean lines and wood grains furniture. Meanwhile, for country design, painted wood and seats with slipcover work the best.

If you already decide the style you would like to apply, the next step is buying furniture which can complement the style. You can begin by purchasing items with big size such as sofa, focal point cabinet, or rug. It is because these kind of furniture take most space in the house. Since those furniture require much money to buy, make sure it depicts the style well. So, if you use traditional style, never purchase any modern sofa because it will make you confused how to decorate a living room.

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