New Covent Garden Market Buying Guide to Help You

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New Covent Garden Market will bring the freshest flowers from the excellent wholesalers to the buyers. If you are a newbie in this thing, we will give you several pieces of information so you will know how this place runs. You can buy it in person and when it comes to British flowers, you can get it only on Monday and Thursday. Grab the best by coming earlier.

The opening times

The market that sells flowers starts from 4 am till 10 am the whole week except Sunday. Some of wholesalers in the market may also open until 12 pm. Other than Sunday, the market is also close every bank holiday. You should also remember that the opening hour of each tenant will be different. So, if you already have planned to see certain someone, you need to make sure the day before.

How to get there

Basically, you can enter New Covent Garden Market with your private cars or vans as their commercial vehicles. If you have the permit to get there, you can simply drive in the market. But if you do not then you need to pull the ticket from the barriers. Before you leave, you should pat that at the station.

The parking lots are available at two floors. The lower floor is designed for big vans. Meanwhile, the top floor is prepared for smaller vans and cars. The permit and parking size can be seen on its official website.

Volume and price

They sell the flowers in bulk, which is in boxes and wraps only. The stems you will get depend on the variety of the flowers. Foliage will be sold by bunch, while smaller flowers will be sold according to the tray. Larger pieces like tree and vases can be offered individually.

The prices are not commonly displayed by the wholesalers, considering it depends on the supply and demand though. Anyway, you can ask around to compare the price from each tenant and another.

Payment and hot drinks

When it comes to payment, the wholesalers would love to get the cash payment. But you can use your cards as well. The market offers the benefit to pay on account for VIP customers only.

Also, mornings are not easy. This is why you can enjoy a nice coffee from a cozy café in the center of the market. Besides coffee, the café also sells nice food so you can enjoy New Covent Garden Market.

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