Cool Container Home Architecture Ideas with Touch of Modern Style

awesome Maison container designed by Patrick Partouche[image via : ]

The trends in architectural designs keep changing from year to year. Each year has specific hot trends which become the reference for those who looking new interesting designs to be implemented in their house. Even though there are always new trends presented every year, not all of people will follow the masses in designing the home. It is since people have their own thought and philosophy so that they tend to apply different design which match well with their needs. Several people might prefer house with newest modern design due to its simplicity.

Meanwhile, some others are not really like experimenting with new look with various bright colours and creative touches and just trapped with existing house designs. Applying traditional concept these days can be challenging but it starts to increase in popularity such as living in a cargo containers. Although it sounds a little bit crazy, this can be great housing option due to its affordable, stylish, and elegant appearance. Besides of its creative and surprising home solutions, cool container home architecture offers a number of advantages.

Pros of container home
One main benefit of this housing option is none other than its price. Home made from container is considered as one of cost-effective home design. Even when you compare to build smallest home in the city and creating home using used cargo containers, it is still far more affordable. You only need to prepare budget to buy the containers, equipped them with house elements such as electricity and water heater, and the cost to decorate them. For example, you need to spend around $35,000 USD for two containers with 400-footh height. These containers will create more than 600 square foot for your living space. It is good option for you who want to build home in budget.
Container homes are also easy and fast to build. It comes with very clear reason that when you buy a cargo container, you already own walls, floor, and walls and ceiling for your living space. You don’t need to build them anymore. All you have to do is doing some improvements on them such as adding partitions and decorations. You can easily incorporate one container to another as well.

Other home elements such as doors, windows, and stairs can be simply added as well. The construction process is also more flexible since can be done off site. Then, after it is ready it can be moved into your preferred location. This can be good solution if the location does not support to build on such as when it does not have electricity sources. Most likely, people construct and modify the container and in local workshop and finish the rest in your location. By constructing the container at the local workshop, you can ensure that the water tight works properly. Hence, when it is moved to the location, you don’t wary anymore when rains come.
Another big benefit of this cool container home architecture is that it is environmentally friendly. Even though you can find many companies which offered both new and used containers for home, choosing the used container will help saving the environment. It is because recycling steel so that it can be used again require big amount of energy and expensive cost. That’s why there are loads of abandoned containers out there. To recasting container, we require around 3.5 tons of steel. Hence, when we choose the used container we can avoid it. We save the use of other building materials such as wood, cement, and bricks as well.

container house

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Ideas of container home design
Cargo container can be created into awe-inspiring guest house. Even though it is a little bit unfamiliar but the result can be really wonderful. You can paint the outer part of container with blue colour. Then, two sections are trimmed in order to install the windows and huge siding doors. You can create small terrace in front of the sliding door and make additional roof above it to avoid water when rains come. For the interior, you can use wood panels to create warm and comfortable ambiance. The creative combination of colour and materials used in this container make it as great place to escapes from the routines to enjoy the surrounding view.
You also can experiment with various kinds of vibrant colour to make your container home more colourful. This can be great solution for you who just get small size of containers. You can trick this condition by place the containers on the op of another. When the height problem is already overcome, you need to trick the width as well. This condition can be solved by making a space whose high is similar with two containers but appear to be wider.

This space can be used as living room that is able to extend into outdoor area whenever you install retractable doors. You can create fun and cheerful atmosphere in this space by painting the containers with vivid colours such as lime, pink, baby blue, and orange. You can add various unique accessories and displays to make the home more interesting.
You also can get inspiration from container home designed by Kalkin. The model of the house appears in huge structure that has different levels. You might be thinking that there is a house put inside another due to small components you can find in the main building which is quite similar with traditional house design. The inside parts of the house are connected to outdoor area with the big sliding glass door installed in the inside structure which is similar to house. Even though the structure of this house is closer to traditional design, it comes with bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms which are designed in modern style.
Maison container designed by Patrick Partouche also serves as cool container home architecture. This design still applies traditional structure but accentuates contemporary style. In this model many containers are used and various sections of this home are cut for two main functions. First, it is cut to create more spacious interior such as for living room or dining room. Second, it is cut to mount large size of windows and doors. Since it applies contemporary style, the living area inside the house is pretty spacious and it comes with modern furniture and household. It uses metallic stair and bridge to connect with second floor. The most important of all is it provides much of natural light.

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