How to Use Color Wheel Interior Design

Interior design with stairs and wall art and unique color chairs

Color Wheel interior design can tell you how colors can relate each other. You will know where it comes from and what elements of color that work. There are some things you need to consider when choosing colors for your living space. Reading the color wheel is one way that can help us. Yet, not all people know how to read the wheel and understand the color.

How to Use the Color Wheel

The color wheel will give you quite complete representation on how the colors can blend nicely together. You may have color wheel that only consists of three basic colors, or the complete one which provides with some number of shades color. If you do not have the physical or the printed color wheel, you can access it online.

You can simply get the default color wheel or create your own color and make your own wheel if you choose to have it online. Make sure that the apps is available for your smartphone, for Android or for iPhone and iPad.

The Colors

When we talk about the color wheel, we talk about the theory of colors. We have the primary colors, that consist of blue, yellow, and red. In theory, you cannot create these colors from other colors. This is the basic color. Yet, you can create other colors from these three. When it is mixed equally, you will get gray, or black.

We have complementary colors, the colors that are created from those three basic colors. Yellow and blue will produce green; blue and red will create purple; while red and yellow will produce orange. Green, purple, and orange are the complementary colors. You can mix those secondary colors, for instance blue and orange, red and green, and yellow and purple to create another color.

The last we have is tertiary colors. These are the colors that resulted from the mixing of primary colors with secondary colors. You will get more complex colors in this third level. For instance, primary blue with secondary green will result turquoise; primary blue and secondary purple will produce blue violet; primary red and secondary purple will create red violet; primary red with secondary orange will create red-orange, primary yellow and secondary orange will create yellow-orange; while primary orange and secondary green will create lime green.

The Colors with Neutrals

There are another way to create some versions of colors in a same family. Sometimes we want it lighter or darker. It is simple to create such version, use neutral colors. In interior design terms, this way is called as tint, shade, and tone.

Tint is the act of lighting the colors by adding white; while shade is darkening the color by adding black; the last one is tone which is the act to slightly darkening the color by adding gray. These colors can be found in our color wheel. Each of it brings different feel when you apply it to your house. Some will act as warm colors, which can bring a sense of intimacy in it. Some will act as cool colors, that are able to bring a more relaxed feeling. Choose a right color to your living space by using color wheel interior design.


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