Choose Best Color Schemes to Brighten Your Bedroom

wooden bed with gray tones

Do you want to wake up with bold color in your bedroom? Let these ideas inspire you and add more colors or patterns in your bedroom then turn it into colorful bedrooms. Of course, choosing colour combination for bedroom is important, especially when you decide how you want your personal taste work in your most private space.

When it comes to choose your color scheme for bedroom, there are several things that you should know first. Most essential that your bedroom is a relaxing and resting space so many people will go with calm tones and soothing schemes were best. That said, your bedroom is the most private space, so you can go with wild tones that make you feel happy and relax, actually you are free to choose a color that you want.

Be different: metallic and gold

You can give a Midas touch by taking over golden accessories, wallpapers or even fabrics as well. You are able to combine them with metallic scheme in your dressing table. You can pair it along with contemporary mirror in coincident finish. You can create magical contrast with bright red and pink. They can help you to lift up the scheme and introduce you with the personality of disco diva.

Bolder look: dark palettes

Many people might consider fresh tones and timeless scheme such as blue and white palette to make your room looks fresher. Who said that you cannot use bolder palettes for your bedroom? If you are fan of blue palette, then you can use navy-blue and indigo color as if they are neutral palettes and even you can combine them with any color as well. Plus, you can add bolder accessories and pattern without thinking too long.

Greenish style

If you are a true fan of neutral palettes for your bedroom, then you can shake things up to get gorgeous green tone. You can choose rich shade of green-gray tones to make your room’s wall warming your space and provide you with cozy feeling. If you do not want to get all-over palettes, you can consider breaking it along with white accessories and sooth pieces.

Stick into grey palettes

Grey tones never shown that it will fade. So you can explore more on this palette by using layering tones to make your scheme looks more cohesive as well. You can go with gray tones in both of the palest one to the deepest tone to create stand out contrasting look.

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