How to Choose Right Color for Home Office

small space home office with wall art and plant also desk lamp

Many people ask the question of “how to choose right color for home office?”. Indeed, with internet and everything, doing job at home is not something strange anymore. However, you still need working space at home so that doing your job can still be done comfortably. One of the ways to get the comfort is by creating special space to work at home.

Home office is what the space usually called. It is not like regular office but at least it will provide comfortable space to work. If you are making one right now but you are not sure yet about the color, below is more information about “how to choose right color for home office?”.

  1. Consider the Space

The space for the home office is the first thing that you need to consider, in order to get the best color. If you are living in a small apartment or small house, the home office space cannot be to vast as well. Thus, you must turn this tiny space into comfortable home office. You can do that by choosing lighter color for the space. It is believed that lighter color is effective to make a room or small space bigger. This is why you need to use white, pale yellow, pale green, or cream color as the color scheme of the small home office. With these color, your home office is going to look bigger and you can be more comfortable working in the space.

  1. Consider the Job

It is believed that color has its own effect on our mind. This is why people who work in creative industry cannot have home office with plain white wall in front of them. You need to take this as consideration. If you work in creative industry and you need your eyes to look at something colorful and bright every day, paint your wall using more than one color. You can use accent walls so that the wall can have different color and contrast. On the contrary, if you run serious business in which you need to calm all day long and do your work comfortably, choose pale green or yellow because those two colors are believed to have calming effect.

  1. Consider the Theme

Every room has a theme. If your home office is about to have rustic theme, you cannot use colors like pink or red as the color scheme. The color must be related to something earthy and classic such as brown. If you are having shabby chic home office, you need to paint the wall with pastel colors like pale pink and pale blue so that it will capture the essence of shabby chic. Just choose the theme before you choose the color scheme because the color scheme should be following the theme, not all the way around.

Now that you know the answer to the question of “how to choose right color for home office?”, you can create the best home office. Working at home can be something really fun and comfortable for now that you have this wonderful home office.

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