How to Choose Right Color for Baby Room?

baby room with chandelier and chair also furniture

Parents to be often ask the question of “how to choose right color for baby room?”. Yes, preparing the baby room or the nursery is something important because someday the bun in the oven will arrive and you will need some place to take care of him or her. Nursery is something peaceful yet fun for the baby to grow up, thus, it needs to be decorated properly. You can always start by choosing the right color for the baby room. So, below are some guidance to give you the answer of “how to choose right color for baby room?”.

  1. Perfect Color of Baby Boy’s Room

The perfect color for baby boy’s room is definitely blue. Blue is the classic boy color and it is used a lot by parents who are about to have baby boy. Blue is such a great color and it also has lots of shades. You can combine dark blue, sky blue, pale blue, and so on with neutral colors like white or cream. The blue element in the nursery does not have to come from the wall only. You can place blue color on the crib, cabinet, and also on the carpet.

The second color associated with baby boy is purple. However, a lot of people prefer blue because purple is usually darker. If you like purple better than blue, you can always have this color to be the color scheme of the baby boy’s room you prepare. All you need to do is adjust the shade of the color so that it does not have to be so dark.

  1. Perfect Color for Baby Girl’s Room

Pink is definitely the perfect color for baby girl’s room. It is such a great color and it is very girly. Pink can also be used for the furniture in the room as well. If you do not want to overpower the pink color of the room. You can leave the wall white and color everything else with shades of pink. White and pink goes so well together. If you do not like pink, orange is also suitable for the baby girl’s room. It has vibrant element in it and it does look slightly feminine as well.

  1. Neutral Colors

Not all parents decide to find out the baby’s gender before the baby is born. That is why neutral colors seem to be the best idea. Yellow is one of the greatest neutral colors when it comes to baby’s room. It is such a great color and it does not relate to either of the genders. Yellow can also be paired with different shades or stronger colors like orange and red. If you do not like yellow, green is also a neutral color for baby’s room.

It can be used by both baby boy or baby girl. These two colors are also great to decorate a nursery of a twin set of boy and girl. The room does not have to be blue or pink, it is just need to be yellow or green and you can easily conquer the question of “how to choose right color for baby room?”.

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