How to Use Chalkboard for Decorating Room

Chalkboard for Decorating Room

Creating beautiful design for your kid’s room can be really difficult, especially if you have very active and creative kid. The main problem here is after you create good design for your kid’s room; they will decide to add some art by drawing it on the wall that you just paint. The solution for this problem is actually simple. You just need to provide place on the wall to draw for your kids. And, you can use chalkboard for that. Here is some of chalkboard Paint Ideas you can use.

First, you can just place the big chalkboard on one part of the room wall. That way your kid will have more freedom to draw anything at there. Of course, you need to tell them and give them example, so they can do that in correct way. That will solve the problem that you have.

The chalkboard, mostly, is black. You also can find green one. But, the black is good choice. If you plan to use the black one, make sure other wall use different color paint. The best choice will be the pastel bright color. This will give the room nice balance. The chalkboard also becomes the focal point of the room, which will attract your kid’s attention. And, here, you can easily teach them about drawing on it, without too much problem.

This idea also can be used on other room. You can modify it by removing the frame of the board. Then, you can paint the other part of the board and leave small part of the board with specific shape, like heart (if you want to create romantic nuance), circle or square. Then draw or write something that has deep meaning on that small area. That will give your room nice and special decoration. You can even use it to create different theme for your room.

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