How much does Built-In Pool Cost?

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How much does a built-in pool cost? Well, on average, the cost of installing a built-in pool is between USD 36,000 and USD 63,000. The basic maintenance will cost around USD 1,500 on an annual basis. If you add the utilities along with the repair then it will need around USD 2,000 per year. It is true that having a swimming pool is a new kind of commitment. Some people would give up because if the maintenance.

Besides it could be an addition for your backyard, it could be a great place to hang out during the warm months. This is why in this article we will discuss the average built-in pool cost. Besides, this kind of swimming pool has its own luxury compared to above-ground pools, right?

Shotcrete, Gunite, or Concrete Pools

The initial cost to install this type of swimming pool is around USD 40,000 but you may expect to pay for another USD 40,000 after 10 years. The price does not include re-plastering and acid washing. On the other hand, this swimming pool type requires more chemicals and electricity to make it swimmable and cleaner all the time. Acid washing is required every 5 years.

Vinyl Underground Pools

The initial cost is around USD 30,000 and after 10 years you may expect to pay an additional USD 15,000 more or less. The maintenance is much easier than concrete pools and the material is non abrasive. There are various designs and shapes you can choose. Also, it is easy to clean and will not need chemical washing that often.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools

The initial cost to build this pool type is around USD 30,000 more or less. The price includes delivery, installation, and basic coping or desk costs. The maintenance fee might be around USD 7,500 after 10 years of using the pool.

This swimming pool can be assembled as a DIY project even though you can always ask a professional to fix it for you. However, the size is pretty small but since the price is affordable and the maintenance is not difficult, people would prefer this one than the concrete ones. Also, fiberglass pools are easy to clean. You do not need to apply special treatments to make keep it on its best condition.

The price might be higher if you use saltwater, considering it would require special treatments. Still, the choice is in your hand. And this is the end section of the average built-in pool cost according to the type.

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