Two Bright Green Decor Tips

bright home with green leaves decor

If you are looking for BRIGHT GREEN decor tips, you most likely have been considering to give your house a touch of this refreshing color but you are worried it would turn out too much. Luckily, you have come to the right place as we are going to give you tips on how to play with bright green color and make your house far from being too over the top.

Reasons why we should add a splash of bright green colors

Yes, we love all shades of green. However, many people still shy away from incorporating bright and bold hues such as lime green. Little do they know, adding a touch of vibrant and intense color such as may not only make your decor stand out, but also boost its beauty.

Decor tips for you to consider

Still unsure as to how to incorporate this daring shade to your interior? Don’t be, because we are here to help you get started with our BRIGHT GREEN decor tips! This color works well with natural colors such as natural wood color and it looks incredibly airy and warm when paired with white. To get started, go to where your wooden furnitures are – for majority of us, it’s the kitchen. With the cabinet, kitchen island and many more made of wood, the kitchen can be incredibly dull. Revive the room with a pop of this bright green color. You may paint the wall with bright green, or paint parts of your cabinet with bright  green as an accent.

Another tips is to paint your walls black and then paint your ceilings and window bright green. To complete the look, opt for white furnitures, white with black pattern decorative items, and bright green curtains. This one makes for a refreshing and sophisticated BRIGHT GREEN decor tips!

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