Hi, Come Home, Bohemian!

bohemian bedroom with brick wall and wall art

image : Magical Thinking Printed Woodblock Comforter

Do you want to have bohemian bedroom decor trend in 2017? It seems that recently people only know some trends of home décor such as monochrome, Scandinavian, Victorian and minimalist.

Actually, there is one unique style that is definitely suitable for you. It’s called bohemian. For you who haven’t ever known what bohemian looks like, here are some details that bohemian have:

  1. The main colors are bright and solid
  2. Tie-dye is the favorite alternative mixed color
  3. Have more plants in the house than furniture.
  4. Lanterns and pillows play the domination in the room
  5. Use low mattress
  6. Make high canopies
  7. Use beaded curtain

Those seven signs are to help you to get the general image of bohemian bedroom decor trend in 2017. You may have question, “Should I only follow those details? Can’t I add other furniture or accessories?”

The answer is definitely you can do whatever you like. However, to have the bohemian style, some specific bohemian touch must be in your bedroom.

Tips to get the simple Bohemian Bedroom Style

  • The bedroom must have one dominant color.

Usually, the bohemian style will be identic with orange color. You can put other wall paint color as long as it is solid color. To add more bohemian sense, we can add accessories later.

  • Use mix patterns for your pillows, bed sheet, curtain, mat or other accessories
  • You can use colorful things around your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to do so.
  • If you want to get more attention, be bold to makeover your bedroom.

Those four above points created for giving you more help to makeover your bohemian bedroom style. You can get more ideas by surfing on the internet and find lots of examples.

One of the bohemian bedroom’s owner shared the tips how to decor bohemian bedroom decor trend in 2017. She gives us guidance to have more bohemian touch in our bedroom and house.

Here are the tips:

For those who want to have dominant bohemian style, you can put a bench in the bedroom. The size follows the space inside bedroom. You don’t need to have large bench. What you need is put the bench in front of your bed. This will make more exciting accent in the room.

Do you like having private bed style? If so, the bohemian is really suitable for you. The canopy bed is another bohemian detail you should have. It gives mix bohemian and chic bedroom style. Moreover, if you have a rustic headboard, it may make your day full of energy of bohemian. Simple, useful and elegant.

The combination of the lighting, wall art decorations and embroidered accessories will make your bedroom become more dreamy to have. Add some brick walls to add warmest feel in your artistic room.

To have bohemian bedroom decor trend in 2017 is such an interesting homework because you can explore more places to get old window as the display or frame over your bed. You can also look up the gypsy’s room which will give you more sensation to bring up the tradition of the magic room.

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