Decorate Your Favorite Bedroom to Make More Sleeping Friendly

girl bedroom with closet furniture and chic lamp also floral decor

It is so horrible when we cannot sleep well in the night or you just lay down in your bed. The question is how to decor bedroom for easy sleep? Sometimes we think that our bedroom becomes our most private area where you spend a lot of times in this room. it is so annoying when you want to sleep then try to shut you eye but you still could not sleep well. The quality of sleep can give impact in your next day, you will feel do not fresh and think need more rest in the morning. You will get the bad mood during a whole of day. It is start to think the ideas how to make your bedroom becomes your sleeping friendly.

The sleep less also can cause some problems with your health as well, such as: decrease your immune system, get will gain more weight, give bad impact for your body and short cut your life as well. This ideas may be cannot change your sleep habit in a flash times, but this is effective way that you can try. You can play with your bedroom environment to increase your night sleep changes.

Some ideas to decor your bedroom being more sleeping friendly, they are:

  1. Do not using bright light.

When you are sleep less and using the bright light stand, you will feel more difficult to sleep. In order to design your room more sleeping friendly, you should use the darker light or softer light in your room. You can decor with the dimmer switch that can control your light inside your bedroom and you able shut it when you want falling asleep. You have to minimize your light that caused by your outside bedroom as well. You can add some liners in your draperies to block the light.

  1. Try to be balance.

In order to make balance and focus on your sleep, you have to make sure that you place your bed against the solid wall and avoid to against the doors or windows. You can decorate your bed use the solid headboard that can create the stability in your bedroom.

  1. Choose your sleepy colors.

The calm nuance and relax become the important part. You can choose the colors which has quiet and muted colors. This colors will increase your sleep relaxation. You can use the neutral color to create the balancing such as: peach, green, blue, etc.

After you know how to decor bedroom for easy sleep, you should change your bad habit as well. The main point you get sleep less is based on your habit. There are several cause of your sleep less problems:

  • You get the stress or unpredictable worrying when you have a problem.

  • The bad effect from medical treatment.

  • You may suffer from depression that can cause you hard to sleep in the night.

  • Consume much of coffee, alcohol or nicotine that triggers your problems.

  • Less exercise becomes your significance factors.

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