Bedroom Colour Combinations Photos for Minimalist Look

Bedroom Colour Combinations ideas for minimalist room

Bedroom is the place where you can get well rested after going through your long day. So that this room needs to be as comfortable as possible. One of the elements which can create comfortable bedroom is colour wall paints. You can look for bedroom colour combinations photos as references. If you look for bedroom colour combinations for minimalist look, here are some inspirations.

Dark Blue and Grey

Grey combined with dark blue will bring romantic and warm atmosphere to your bedroom. Paint the walls of your bedroom with grey and combine it with dark blue bedroom furniture. Choose light grey so that your bedroom looks brighter and more spacious. Do not forget to have wall decorations such as photo frames to make the room prettier.

Blue and White

The combination of blue and white is the most used color combination for minimalist style. This color combination will bring calm and peaceful atmosphere which maximizes your resting time. It is because blue and white are identical with nature colors such as sea and sky. Paint your bedroom walls with blue and white by turns, and have white bedroom furniture. You are able to add blue curtain for the window or the bed if you want to have dramatic touch to your bedroom.

Green and Pastel Colors

Combine green and pastel colors to add coolness and cheerful touches to your bedroom. Have the walls of your bedroom in green and combine it with leaves patterned curtain to make the coolness touch even stronger. Place bed with pastel colors and add green bed linen or bed cover.

Red and White

Some people think that red is not suitable for bedroom since this color too strikes. But if you combine it with white color, it will reduce the strike. You are also able to make white as the dominant color if you do not want your bedroom looks too much. If you want have a romantic touch, you can have gold bed linen or bed cover. This combination will make your bedroom looks romantic, elegant, and fancy.

Brown and Beige

Brown and beige is the perfect combination because these 2 colors are still in one tone. The combination of brown and beige will bring warm touch. It is because brown and beige are identical with wood colors. You can look for brown and beige bedroom colour combinations photos if you need some ideas.

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