Bedroom Colors for Couples: How Your Bedroom Color Affects Your Life

cozy brown bedroom with colorful pillow and stripe wall

Believe it or not, some research shows that there is a correlation between your bedroom color and how much you sleep. People who paint their bedroom in blue color are reported to have the best night’s sleep. Meanwhile, the occupants of the caramel colored bedroom are reported to have more sex than those occupying the other colored bedrooms. Based on these findings, here we make you a list of bedroom colors for couples that may be suitable for you and your loved one.  


It is well known that blue – especially the soft ones, like sky blue, soft blue, etc. – is associated with the feeling of relaxation and calmness. Therefore, it is believed that if we paint our bedroom walls blue, we will be able to experience a calming sensation before sleep. A research also shows that blue is found to help people reduce their heart rate as well as blood pressure. This will automatically result in a better sleep. People who are occupying blue rooms admit that they regularly wake up and start their day with light and happy feelings.


Some shades of yellow (not all yellow) are the second best choice of color for couples’ bedrooms. They are also good in promoting a good night’s sleep. If bright yellow is claimed to help you feel cheerful, warm yellow tone helps your body to feel relaxed, since it can calm the nervous system.


Blue is not the only color that can bring relaxation atmosphere to your room. Green is believed to have the same ability, as well. Therefore, it is not surprising if green is included in the list of best bedroom colors for couples. People occupying green rooms are reported to have a positive and upbeat wake up feelings. These feelings are definitely good for your love life.


The next color which is suitable to be applied on the couples’ bedroom walls is silver. As we know, the silver color seems to mimic the moonlight color, which can stimulate the brain to recognize that it is the time to relax and sleep. Although it is very similar to silver, gray is not a good choice for your bedroom. Gray is known for its dreary connotation.


Caramel can bring the romantic feeling into your bedroom. This is definitely the feeling that every couple dreams of. Couples living in caramel colored bedrooms are reported to have more sex (at least three times in a week) than those living in any other colored bedrooms.

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