Applying Bay Window Decor Trend in 2017

dining area with bay window and wood furniture also curtains

Bay window decor trend in 2017 is an idea you may consider while renovating your home living. So, what is bay window decor? It is surely basically a sort of windows installed at houses in general. Something which makes it look more special is regarding the windows installation which is jutted outside. That’s why it is called as bay. This idea is really good particularly if you want your house look good whether for the interior and interior. More than that, it gives the room with bay windows additional sense of classy and elegant. If you are interested to apply this idea, here are several things you should know.

Better for Classic or Vintage Houses

Bay windows are indeed basically a part of classic or vintage home decoration. As you probably have known, classic or vintage interior is more about the application of more details and accents. Of course, it is in contrast with the modern one which tends to accentuate the simplicity and minimalism. Even if the bay windows along with the fixtures are designed as simple as possible, it will not lessen the sense of classic brought out. Therefore, if you love classic concept, it is really appropriate if you choose this idea.

Big Windows

If you love to make your interior naturally bright, applying bay windows is a good choice. That’s true, if any other interiors may focus on the furniture and accessories, installing bay windows means you are already focusing on the windows themselves. In other words, the windows are those which become the “diva” of your interior. That’s why; the windows themselves must be really large. It is okay if the frames are equipped with sunshades or whatever. The most important point here is that the windows must be big or large.

Good for Apartment and Houses with Some Floors

Why? It is because the bay window is better to be placed on the second floor or more, not in the first one. There is basically one more main function of bay windows despite its ability to let the air and sunshine circulate. It is to facilitate you to see the landscape outside. It doesn’t mean that the landscape will look bad if it is seen on the first floor. But undeniably, it is good to be seen from a higher place.

Make Sure to Place Furniture Next to the Windows

Based on the fact that bay windows are to enjoy the scenery outside. Another good idea to be applied next is putting your furniture there. Interestingly, there are now some kinds of sofa which are designed to complete the bay windows idea. It is where the sofa are curved to match the space remained by this kind of windows. As a result, you can just simply enjoy your time to relax next to it. If you are a hard worker, you can simply place your work table along with the chair near to it. It is a really simple way to enjoy your daily life, isn’t it? So, are you fascinated to apply the bay window decor trend in 2017?


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