Air Cleaning Plants Your Home Needs for Better Air Quality

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Unavoidable side effect of living in modern building is lack of air flow. It leads to indoor air pollution that can cause various health problems like asthma. This is the very reason you should consider adding air-cleaning plants your home needs. In general, plants are known to be able to increase productivity and mood, to reduce fatigue and stress and to enhance memory and concentration. Meanwhile, the particular air purifier plants allow you to get healthy and fresh air anytime during the day and night. And. These plants are usually low in maintenance so you do not have to deal with complicated treatment.

Spider Plants

Spider plant is among the most popular air purifier plants. That is it is also called as air plants. It grows quickly and has nice appearance. Ideally, it is placed in hanging basket that can be placed anywhere especially in your office room. It requires very simple treatment like three times a week of watering. And, it is also safe for children and pet


It is the favorite plant of newbies. It looks beautiful and has various shapes, colors and sizes. Among the most favorite species are the rainbow plant, bright purple plant and also the tall corn plant. This plant needs damp soil but it should not be watered too much.

Golden Photos

This particular plant is known as devil’s ivy. It can be easily adapted in various conditions. It can grow pretty tall as well reaching 8 feet tall. To remove common toxins from the air, this plant definitely makes the best choice. However, it is toxic for both dogs and cats so you may want to reconsider it if you have pets.

Area Plants

This plant is actually originated from Madagascar. Ideally, it grows outdoor but it can also grow indoor with bright filtered light. It becomes very beautiful once its leaves start to arch gracefully.

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