2016 Architecture Concept for House According To Design and Trends

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When we talk about design and architecture mode, there are so many designer concept or an architect who create awesome design. We always get some inspiration from them to make our best design. But, as we know, there are so many kind of architect design. Moreover, there’s possible to create the new concept and idea in every year. Today’s article, I will tell you about 2016 architecture design trends. As we know, trend of architecture designs is always growth every year. In this article, I will not just tell you about 2016 architecture design trends but also tell you about what kind of technology that will be used in their house, what kind of room concept they use in this era and many more. To begin this article, I will start from concept of 2016 architecture design, Architecture design synchronize individual personalities, Trend of 2016 architect designs And ended with modern technology which support the architecture design.

Here we go:

Concept of 2016 architecture design

In this era, the design will always looks good in individual perception. In my research, I found in today’s trend of house, people usually use large window and small room design for their house. According to Peter Yogan Gandakusuma, an architect and founder of SpaXious Design Architect, trend of architecture will develop into modern sustainable which means designs still stay in modern way with the increasing of environmental awareness. Concept is focus on development which regard on usage of material, energy, design and construction.

People will convince to process the secondhand materials into modern design. Peter also told that people will minimize useless room and make also put large window to drain air and sunlight into the house. So, people can save energy power consumption by using nature energy. In this convention we can conclude that 2016 architecture design trends will be modern sustainable but it didn’t aim into futuristic design. The design just develop people awareness about environmental.

Architecture design synchronize individual personalities

As I told you before, architecture design will be different in every generation. In 2016 generation, the trends of architecture design will focus on individual perception. Every architect or room concept or will follow client idea. It really depends on personal request which can be synchronize their lifestyle! The example is I found an article which tell that in this 2016 era, people try to use creamy neutrals color than the colorful one because they think creamy neutrals color will bring a calm and warmth nuance into their house. So, in this perception I can conclude that people in this era is very suitable using a casual room design for their lovely house!

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Trend of 2016 architect designs

Of course, besides it depends on people personality, the design is also adjust world condition too! As we know, in this 2016 era, amount of resident in every country are very thick. The availability of space for making a house is very slight. So, the solution of this problem is every people should use a kind design which have multifunctional and simple design to make their own house by using slight space. Small bedroom, small kitchen, small living room and other small room with simple and modern design are very often in this era. Because they usually use small room for their house, so architect usually make a small room with open concept design to give the room looks larger than usual. Besides, I also found some house with no wall as barrier between the rooms. They only use bulkhead or partition to barrier their rooms or they try to barrier the rooms with big things such as cabinet.

Another design that has been created by architect is making inside and outside room become one. Actually, this concept is same as previous concept that I told you before (the concept of a house with no wall as barrier between the rooms). The different is, the two rooms with no barrier are inside and outside. Some architect make a design by using large window to divide the room.

It called floor-to-ceiling windows. I think this design is also support the environmental awareness because by using large mirror, it will make inside room looks bright. So, you should not have to use much lamp in your room. I also suggest you to plant some flowers or grass to make your outdoor room beautiful! By adding some plant in your house, it means that you also make your room become environmentally friendly.

Modern technology which support the architecture design

Do you know about smart house automation design ideas? Smart house automation design ideas is a house design which focus on building a house with technology by using your smart gadget as control for your house. This kind of architecture design use technology as your house control so it can be used as long as you put the gadget near your hand. It works by deliver power only in one platform as security system. First of all, the system should be connected with your smartphone. Then, managing it in your house. If a strangers come to your house with factious movement, system will sent a caution into your gadget. So, your house will be safe, although this technology is not familiar in this era and still expand for futuristic house, some architect put them into 2016 house design.

As we know, all of design and architecture concept in this generation can make a great design which will support environmental development. We should support and use the proper design to build our lovely house because as we know, every architecture trends design in every year will adjust world condition, people perception, trend and lifestyle. So, in 2016 architecture design trends, the design focused on every people lifestyle which in this era people love all about time efficiency and also they need a house which can support their activity. The last one, let’s try to apply the 2016 architecture design trends in our house, that’s all about 2016 architecture design trends.

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